Payroll accounting

Tax consulting

Business consulting

Start-up consulting


Consultancy on succession


Document entry, planning of the costs and success control are important for good bookkeeping.

In connection with “bookkeeping” we offer the following services:

Posting of continuous transactions and IT-compatible data entry

Continuous reconciliation of accounts

Management of open positions of customers and suppliers


Organisation of accounting

Information on business performance

Creation of short-term income statements

“In-house bookkeeping” – we perform bookkeeping at your premises upon request

Payroll accounting

Let our experts perform your payroll accounting and benefit as a result from higher reliability, faster evaluations and more professional handling of the following services:

Continuous payroll accounting

Posting of overtime compensation, bonus payments and travel costs

Calculation of continuous payroll taxes

Advice in relation to optimal salary payment

Registration and deregistration of employees with national health insurance

Classification of salary scheme

Calculation of holiday and sick pay

Support for travel expenses reports, determination of salary items subject to tax and social insurance payment

Support for income tax, municipal tax and social insurance audits as performed by Austrian tax authorities

Advice for letters of recommendation

Clarification of legal issues in relation to labour law, tax law and social insurance

Online connection to social security institutions and tax office

Consulting for the design and stipulation of employment conditions: contract of employment, service contract, freelance contracts

Consulting for the preparation of employment contracts, company agreements and interpretation of Austrian collective agreements

Tax consulting in Vienna

Continuous tax consulting

Tax planning in order to reduce tax payments

Continuous bookkeeping and payroll accounting

Advice for questions in relation to labour law and social insurance

Electronic data transfer to national health insurance

Preparation of financial statements: balance sheet and detailed revenue/expenses statement

Preparation of tax returns for companies, legal entities and individuals

Filing of applications for tax purposes, e.g. deferral of tax debts, extension of deadlines or applications with tax authorities to reduce advance payments

Representation before tax authorities in charge: continuously or for special issues

Representation before tax authorities and in case of penal procedures relating to taxes

Continuous information on changes in tax law


Special consulting

Planning of company setups, restructurations and liquidations of companies

Advice in relation to cross-border and international tax issues

Setup and management of private foundations (trusts)

Consulting for inheritance and business succession issues

Consulting for employee participation


Other consulting and services

Consulting for company reorganisations

Execution of audits

Consulting for the choice of your optimal legal form in regard to civil law and tax law

Tax planning and strategic development

Opinions in tax issues

Consulting and training of your accounting personnel

Consulting in connection with computer-based accounting

Support in meetings with your bank

Business consulting

In the framework of business consulting we offer:


Budgeting with target/actual comparison

Break-even calculation

Consulting for outsourcing activities

Business evaluations

Balance sheet and profit analysis

Business planning: strategic comparison and planning calculations incurred with finance and investment decisions, asset management and personnel recruitment

Introduction of cost and performance accounting

Advice for calculation issues

Project management

Preparation of reports in relation to the break-even point of company setups

Elaboration of strategies and business plans

Tax and financial consulting in relation to investment decisions and asset management

Applications for government subsidies to support company setups

Organisational advice

Design and stipulation of company statutes or articles of association

Start-up consulting

Our services

Feasibility review for new business ideas

Common elaboration of a concept

Preparation of detailed business plans

Consulting for the selection of the best legal form

Assistance for all legal steps to set up a private limited company (“roadmap” to the private limited company)

Advice for public subsidies in relation to the start-up of companies

Advice for social security issues

Support for financing and credit facility issues and bank negotiations


We can handle the following tasks for you:

Mandatory and voluntary financial statements

Audit of your consolidated financial statements

Audits of IAS and US-GAAP financial statements

Setup audits

Restructuration audits

Due diligence audits

Bank audits

Profitability/performance audits

Foundation audits

Merger/demerger audits

Audits as provided by the takeover law

Consulting for the introduction of international accounting standards (IAS, US-GAAP)

Consulting for the implementation of group accounting

Internal audit services

Company evaluations

Audits for non-profit organisations to qualify for the Austrian “donation certificate”

Opinions on special issues

Consultancy on succession

Our services comprise:

Providing incentives to arrange matters in time

Advice upon request

Comprehensive information


Agreement on objectives

Team definition

Time schedule

Definition of alternatives and future scenarios

Business plan in coordination with detailed plans

Process moderation and process coordination

Monitoring and further consulting

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