Each client is unique to us. The service package of our law firm is tailored accordingly. We focus on the wishes and requirements of our clients. Quality and professionalism are the top priorities for all of our law firm's services. And we always take a critical look at the big picture. Find our services at a glance.

Bookkeeping & payroll

The bookkeeping is the heart of a company, with its quality and error-free execution stands and falls the company's success. Document entry, cost planning and success control are important parts of financial accounting and are handled with competence and experience.
Taking over your accounting also includes a short-term success analysis that provides an overview of the development of your income and expenses in order to take measures to (counter) control in good time. Thanks to the modern online bookkeeping, receipts, data and the latest evaluations are always available. Go online and benefit from greater company transparency, high data security and an intelligent solution for your data and document management around the clock: digital bookkeeping makes it possible!

Payroll accounting is one of the most complicated matters in tax law today, as it encompasses aspects of income tax, labor and social security law. We do justice to the ongoing changes in this subject area through continuous training.

Tax advice

Due to the increasingly complex and constantly evolving tax and duty law, many taxpayers feel overwhelmed. We offer professional and reliable help. As your tax advisor and advisor in all tax matters, we are happy to take over the solution of your individual tax and tax law problems for you in addition to the ongoing accounting as well as the wage and salary accounting and the preparation of the annual financial statements. This also includes representation before the tax authorities.

So that you are always informed about your tax situation, we would be happy to prepare planning calculations for you in which we calculate an annual result and the resulting tax burden from the data available so far. This enables you to correct your company policy in good time and take appropriate measures to achieve an optimal tax result. In addition to ongoing tax advice, we are also your contact for any special advice (start-ups and reorganizations, etc.) and other advice and services (restructuring advice, handling of tax audits, etc.).

Business consulting

With our competent management consultancy, problem areas are immediately identified, clearly defined and carefully analyzed. Strong competition requires a thorough examination of business principles. With the development of individual solutions in an economic and legal context, we ensure your competitive advantage. Your visions and goals and our in-depth knowledge as well as years of experience shape your company's success. Together we plan fundamental business decisions and find the most lucrative solutions for your company.

Better safe than sorry! Therefore, thorough and far-sighted planning is particularly important. This requires future-oriented instruments, which we will be happy to make available to you.


 Our cooperation partner CK Wirtschaftsprüfung und Steuerberatung GmbH can take on all auditing tasks for you.

Succession advice

Based on available statistics, thousands of companies are expected to be transferred over the next few years. In addition to personal, inheritance, labor, tenancy and liability issues, there are also tax hurdles that cause headaches. The succession should remain affordable.

The succession of companies usually means a deep cut in the entire operational structure. On the one hand it should be let go and on the other hand the company should continue without hindrance or delay. Nevertheless, successors are often “rushed off the fence” and the consequences are seldom considered in detail. Organizing a succession optimally means thinking intensively about all the alternatives from the very beginning. In this context we offer a “restructuring brainstorming”, where all relevant areas are dealt with using a prepared questionnaire.

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