Tax consulting in Vienna

Continuous tax consulting

  • Tax planning in order to reduce tax payments
  • Continuous bookkeeping and payroll accounting
  • Advice for questions in relation to labour law and social insurance
  • Electronic data transfer to national health insurance
  • Preparation of financial statements: balance sheet and detailed revenue/expenses statement
  • Preparation of tax returns for companies, legal entities and individuals
  • Filing of applications for tax purposes, e.g. deferral of tax debts, extension of deadlines or applications with tax authorities to reduce advance payments
  • Representation before tax authorities in charge: continuously or for special issues
  • Representation before tax authorities and in case of penal procedures relating to taxes
  • Continuous information on changes in tax law

Special consulting

  • Planning of company setups, restructurations and liquidations of companies
  • Advice in relation to cross-border and international tax issues
  • Setup and management of private foundations (trusts)
  • Consulting for inheritance and business succession issues
  • Consulting for employee participation

Other consulting and services

  • Consulting for company reorganisations
  • Execution of audits
  • Consulting for the choice of your optimal legal form in regard to civil law and tax law
  • Tax planning and strategic development
  • Opinions in tax issues
  • Consulting and training of your accounting personnel
  • Consulting in connection with computer-based accounting
  • Support in meetings with your bank