Payroll accounting

Let our experts perform your payroll accounting and benefit as a result from higher reliability, faster evaluations and more professional handling of the following services:

  • Continuous payroll accounting
  • Posting of overtime compensation, bonus payments and travel costs
  • Calculation of continuous payroll taxes
  • Advice in relation to optimal salary payment
  • Registration and deregistration of employees with national health insurance
  • Classification of salary scheme
  • Calculation of holiday and sick pay
  • Support for travel expenses reports, determination of salary items subject to tax and social insurance payment
  • Support for income tax, municipal tax and social insurance audits as performed by Austrian tax authorities
  • Advice for letters of recommendation
  • Clarification of legal issues in relation to labour law, tax law and social insurance
  • Online connection to social security institutions and tax office
  • Consulting for the design and stipulation of employment conditions: contract of employment, service contract, freelance contracts
  • Consulting for the preparation of employment contracts, company agreements and interpretation of Austrian collective agreements